About us

"Our ambition is to make quality content available to audiences worldwide"

   Coconut Motion Pictures is a unit of the multifaceted Coconut Media Box LLP with an edge of Digital, Creative, Events, Theatre (Drama) and Talent Management expertise.

   Coconut Motion Pictures has embarked itself into the media and entertainment sphere as a full-service motion picture studio functioning in production, marketing and distribution.

Our Vision

    Our vision for Coconut Motion Pictures is to produce quality content with best of the talent from the industry. The entertainment landscape for cinema in India is fast evolving with Bollywood films experimenting with multi genre films and making way for regional cinema to grow alongside with it. Coconut Motion Pictures will contribute and grow the industry in a manner that will organize the business, bring in transparency and attract established artists and new talent alike to work with us.

Our Mission

    Our ambition is to make quality content available to audiences worldwide and to give aspiring film makers a chance to propagate their craft in the right creative environment.

    We are investing in all aspects of the business from marketing, music, distribution and exhibition which will encourage the growth of the industry by helping more quality projects go from script to screen.

   The company has ventures in the exhibition sector, having over 8 cinema properties in Gujarat and is in the process of acquiring more properties.